Count Gregor Volpe

A middle aged man with a streak of grey in his light brown hair. He is wearing a red sash with a black vest and a white silk tunic.


Count Gregor Volpe is the hereditary lord of [[Millers Folly]]. His ancestors have governed the town since before the fall of the [[Emerald Empire]].

Count Volpe seeks to preserve this legacy and his own personal authority. His grace often wears the symbol of his office, a small crown with eight pure white pearls on a golden headband with red velvet cover, to remind his people of the imperial edict that granted his family the authority to govern Millers Folly. Count Volpe is also fond of using social protocol to emphasize the deference that his subjects and others owe him due to his rank. In these ways he relies on tradition to help legitimize his authority.

However, his grace is a practical man who understands that his people accept his authority because they need his protection. Therefore, he is quick to react to any perceived threat to the safety and defense of the town. Count Volpe typically dispatches his personal guards to deal with such threats, but is not above hiring others when the need arises.

His personal library features a number of well regarded tomes including a rare copy of Mordenkainens Advice to a Young Apprentice.

Count Gregor Volpe

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